Beauty of white bookshelf and how to make it aesthetically more appealing

It is rightly said that a growing library reflects a man’s thirst for knowledge and it is also believed that books are not a luxury but a necessity of life and so also bookshelves to keep these books organized.

Bookshelves evolved into centrepieces in homes

Hitherto bookshelves were considered just storage spaces for books but today they have evolved into display shelves where apart from books things like other decorative items, picture frames, etc. are showcased here.

This change has transformed the bookshelves into centrepieces in most homes and today we have a wide variety of attractive bookshelves that make great functional accessories in various rooms and nurseries.

White BookshelfBookshelves are most essential in a nursery for placing books, a lot of stuffed toys, and other colourful toys. Just visualize a lovely White Bookshelf with several colourful items stored in it……. it sure will attract the attention of children and will draw them to pick a toy or a book. Yes, this is the right place to inculcate a reading habit into the toddlers who get hooked onto this which stays with them for life.

Placing of bookshelves

Apart from a nursery, bookshelves can find their place in any of the other rooms such as bedrooms, living room, study, etc. Most formal living rooms are found to be perfect for placing the bookshelf since it is not as busy as the other rooms and one can read their book in peace and solitude.

Another reason for having a bookshelf in the living room is for decorative purpose too; if you have thick leather bound classics you would truly love to let your guests have a look at them and this can be made to look more impressive by having things like flowers in a vase or great looking candles to adorn the shelf.

Beauty of white bookshelf

Whatever room you plan on placing your bookshelves just try the simple yet elegant white bookshelf and see how it brings on a calming effect on the entire interiors!

White is a colour that denotes peace and serenity and this is the best atmosphere that can be created for reading a book that interests you.

White bookshelf can work as a great interior accessory and a fantastic design element to any of your rooms; it is both a decorative and a functional accessory that is found to be so useful to get your books and other decorative stuff stay more organized and in place.

Tips on how to get your bookshelf organized

Put all your books in one area in front of the bookshelf

All your books need to be categorized; you can do this as per the author, topic or title or alternately you can use the alphabet system. For an aesthetic appeal you can go as per height or colour of the book.

There may be some books you are no longer interested in keeping; they can be resold or donated.

Now place the books in the bookshelf in order of their height; if the book is too tall to fit you can place it horizontally.

If you wish to keep your white bookshelf looking aesthetically appealing you can try painting the insides with a darker shade and to make the shelf more attractive you can place a minimal number of decorative items.

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