Getting your children into the habit of reading books has long reaching benefits and your child will truly appreciate you for inculcating this habit in him/her. Books are considered great educational toys that help to widen your child’s perspective and kindle an urge to gain more knowledge; they go a long way in helping your children to improve their critical thinking and a curiosity to delve deeper into various subjects blossoms. Investing in good books can never go wasted and to keep all of them well organized you sure would need a sturdy bookshelf and what better one than a pristine white book shelf in your little ones room!

White BookshelfWhy a white bookshelf?

Any day white furniture stands out in a room and all the more so in your toddler’s room where everything is painted in simple subdued colours to make the room imbibe a serene and peaceful atmosphere.

Some of us tend to use vibrant colours in children’s rooms to make it look very colourful and chirpy thinking that it would keep the mood happy but in contrast white painted furniture brings in a lot of calm and makes the room feel roomy, airy, tidy and bright.

You can have a smart White Bookshelf and fill it up with colourful and interesting books that make the shelf look attractive; your child will love pulling out books neatly organized in the shelf and soon would cultivate the habit of reading which will stay till the end and stand in good stead throughout.

Tips of buying bookshelves for the toddler’s room

When you are planning on purchasing a bookshelf for the kid’s room there are some things to be remembered and given below are a few tips on this.

First thing to keep in mind is the safety of the child; make sure the shelf you are purchasing is sturdy with a strong and stable base. This ensures that no accidents happen due to tilting of the bookshelf. And made sure the shelf is secured to the wall so that it does not fall over when the little child tries to climb up the shelf.

Keep the bookshelf short enough for the child to be able to reach up to the top shelf without having to climb up. Ensure that the shelf can accommodate books that are bulky too.

See for a bookshelf that has no sharp or pointed edges and corners; they could hurt the child. Better if you can find shelves that have rubberized edges to make them safer.

Keep it simple

Having furniture items with complicated designs and shapes just don’t suit a little ones room; just simple straight lines look great here.

A truly simple White Bookshelf looks most appropriate in this room; it makes the room look neat and organized adding personality and style.

You will really be happy that you bought a white bookshelf for your kid’s room when you bring it home and place it in the room and see how it can transform the entire look of the room.